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Old Potrero
Straight Rye Whiskey Single Barrel 8 Yr

Old Potrero
Old Potrero Straight Rye Whiskey Single Barrel 8 Yr

700 ml

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We love Old Potrero. It’s not just that they are locals, with all of their distilling done right here in San Francisco. It’s not just that they are true craft distillers, using old-school methods (like copper pot stills, worm tub condensers, and barrels seasoned for two years and hand toasted and charred) to make their whiskey. It’s not just the uniqueness of their product - there aren’t many whiskies made from 100% malted rye and fewer still that ferment using brewer’s yeast. While all those things are true and wonderful, the real reason we love Old Potrero is that it is freaking delicious.

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About Single Barrel Rye Whiskey

Single barrel rye whiskey, a beloved American spirit with a rich history dating back to the colonial era, is renowned for its bold flavor and spicy character. In the late 1700s, rye whiskey was immensely popular, with even George Washington owning a rye whiskey distillery capable of producing 11,000 gallons per year. In the early 1800s, Pennsylvania outpaced Kentucky in whiskey production, with one county alone producing enough rye whiskey to provide a barrel to every two people in the United States.

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