Our Story

Welcome to Barrel Shoppe From Matthew Hagel, Founder & CEO

After thirty years in the business, I parlayed my experiences on both the supplier and distributor sides of the beverage industry to create a unique retail platform. I had been closely watching the excitement around single barrel spirits, yet the enthusiasm did not quite match the ability to get a wide variety into the hands of the consumer. In this spirit (pun intended), Barrel Shoppe was born. I want the stories that come from creating and selecting the barrels shared with those that will be purchasing and sipping them. In Lafayette, California, we have created a physical shoppe filled with barrels and reclaimed wood walls and a counter where locals walk in to chat and get personal attention as they make a selection. On our website, we try to add this same touch as we meld our tasting notes with those from the distillery to educate you so that you can order online as if an ambassador is walking you through it. By having established partnerships within the industry, we have created an inventory that is turning heads. I am grateful to the team that has been behind the scenes helping me to create the vision I had for Barrel Shoppe and I hope you feel the sense of passion and community that we are putting into each selection. 

Barrel Shoppe offers a specialized experience. Unlike blended spirits, which are crafted by combining multiple barrels to achieve consistency, single barrel spirits are drawn from a single source, capturing the essence and uniqueness of that individual barrel. Each bottle tells its own story, reflecting the distinct characteristics imparted by the wood, aging process, distiller and environment. At Barrel Shoppe, we are working with master distillers to find and pass along to you great bourbons, ryes and tequilas. We have the time to focus exclusively on barrels, this is not a side hustle for us. No two barrels will be the same and the experience is unique in that once a barrel is gone, it’s gone. In addition to the selection of products Barrel Shoppe is privy to because of our vast relationships in the industry, we also rescue some inventory. Our ‘rescues’ are bottles that were carefully selected by other businesses and for one reason or another have found their home with us. There are some special finds amongst this subset of inventory! Their stop-over here at Barrel Shoppe on their way to you is just one more part of their story. 

We have something for everyone: gift givers, collectors and new explorers of spirits. We can sell you a single bottle or a barrel’s worth of bottles (think big occasion or corporate gift giving). The Barrel Shoppe products come together through passion and joy and we want to pass that along to you.