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Garrison Brothers
Guadalupe Bourbon Whiskey

Garrison Brothers
Garrison Brothers Guadalupe Bourbon Whiskey

750 ml

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Best Special Barrel Finished Bourbon

Texas- Aged four years in toasted, charred white American oak barrels then two more years in port casks from Portugal. A sensuous, creamy liquid. Full on berry fruit. Ripe plums. Strawberry butter on flaky biscuits. Chocolate, cinnamon, honey. Toasted coffee beans.

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About Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Single barrel bourbon whiskey, a quintessential American spirit, has captured the hearts of whiskey lovers for generations with its rich history and unique flavor profile. Originating in Kentucky, bourbon offers a taste of tradition and craftsmanship with every pour. Whether enjoyed in cocktails or sipped neat, its versatility and depth of flavor make it a beloved choice worldwide.

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