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Garrison Brothers
Lady Bird Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Garrison Brothers
Garrison Brothers Lady Bird Straight Bourbon Whiskey

750 ml

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Lady Bird begins its life as Garrison Brothers' distinguished Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey. Master Distiller Donnis Todd selects barrels of this nectar that already display notes of honey and delicately infuses them with Burleson's Texas Wildflower Honey for an additional 8-9 months. The liquid then ages in exquisite French Cognac XO casks for an additional 3 years, resulting in a harmonious blend of unparalleled flavor and elegance. This double-finished masterpiece reflects the perfect balance between sweet honey notes and the rich complexity of cognac.

In tribute to Lady Bird Johnson’s enduring impact, $5 from every bottle sold is donated to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, dedicated to preserving the native plants of North America and fostering an appreciation for nature’s awe-inspiring beauty.

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About Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Single barrel bourbon whiskey, a quintessential American spirit, has captured the hearts of whiskey lovers for generations with its rich history and unique flavor profile. Originating in Kentucky, bourbon offers a taste of tradition and craftsmanship with every pour. Whether enjoyed in cocktails or sipped neat, its versatility and depth of flavor make it a beloved choice worldwide.

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