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    Maker's Mark® Private Selection offers a new customized take on the Maker's Mark 46® process and begins with cask-strength Maker's Mark® as the base.

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    Each barrel is specially fitted with 10 wood-finishing staves in our limestone cellar and aged for an additional 9 weeks.

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    Where Private Selection separates itself from Maker's Mark 46® is barrel customization using five different stave types. This results in over 1,001 different possible combinations. 

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    As single-barrel bourbons, all expressions of Maker's Mark Private Selection® are bottled at cask strength – which ranges from 107-114 proof.

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Makers Mark SIV Private Selection - 750mL

Makers Mark SIV Private Selection - 750mL

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This unique 750 bottle has a unique Stave Profile:






Baked American Pure

Seared French Cuvee

Maker’s Mark 46

Roasted French Mendiant

Toasted French Spice

*Note the Stave Profile in the image differs from our inventory

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Proof: 108

Size: 750 ML

Distillery: Makers Mark

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