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Old Ezra
Rye Whiskey 7 Yr

Old Ezra
Old Ezra Rye Whiskey 7 Yr

750 ml

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Ezra Brooks is distilled using the highest quality ingredients, ages the old fashioned way and charcoal filtered to deliver a beautifully mellow flavor and smooth finish.

Tasting Notes: Slightly sweet and oaky tones with hints of vanilla and honey. Finishes with a warm touch of spice and tobacco

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Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Single barrel bourbon whiskey, a quintessential American spirit, has captured the hearts of whiskey lovers for generations with its rich history and unique flavor profile. Originating in Kentucky, bourbon offers a taste of tradition and craftsmanship with every pour. Whether enjoyed in cocktails or sipped neat, its versatility and depth of flavor make it a beloved choice worldwide.

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About Single Barrel Rye Whiskey

Single barrel rye whiskey, a beloved American spirit with a rich history dating back to the colonial era, is renowned for its bold flavor and spicy character. In the late 1700s, rye whiskey was immensely popular, with even George Washington owning a rye whiskey distillery capable of producing 11,000 gallons per year. In the early 1800s, Pennsylvania outpaced Kentucky in whiskey production, with one county alone producing enough rye whiskey to provide a barrel to every two people in the United States.

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